The Chanel Fashion Label in Middle East

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The whole of Dubai got excited when the news of Chanel bringing the grandest fashion extravaganza surfaced. It’s not just about the clothes though; every segment of the fashion, starting from jackets to the handbags was thoroughly showcased. This made Middle Easy leave its biggest impression in the world of fashion. Apart from Dubai, the other prominent Middle East nation Lebanon is soon expected to be the major international fashion hub with several programs by Chanel Lebanon slated to be executed here.


What provided the major boost?

One of the prime reasons behind the growing interest in fashion in the Middle East is said to be the outcome of various celebrity exhibitions organized in the past year. To be specific, The Little Black Jacket made the entire Dubai remain in the limelight of the fashion arena. Incredible is to see the level of support provided by the government bodies here. Big names in the fashion arena have already started taking the Middle East as the most promising zone among fashion enthusiasts in the coming years.

Being specific about the brand Chanel, it is very much functional; in fact, directly works from various centers in the UAE. There are a couple of its centers in Dubai itself. One is there in Abu Dhabi. A few of these are quite expected to get functional very soon in Lebanon. Not just in the clothing segment, Chanel Lebanon has incredible plans in various other segments as well. Specifically, the shoe segment looks pretty promising here. Talking about Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both the centers are expected to be the major hubs for the handbag segment here.

As per the fashion business experts, the huge number of customer base those are ready to wear, not just test or try, makes the Middle East such promising among the fashion investors. With the growing foreign population base in the Middle East, it becoming the major fashion capital is very much imminent.

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